Mobile Couponing

In addition to our very robust "Standard Mobile Couponing"(see basic example on Special Offers Page), we are now offering Scratch & Win Couponing.


Tap on "Scratch & Win Coupon" Image below (or tap here). You will be redirected to a live example - Now rub your finger over the right side of coupon and watch what happens.


Refresh your browser and scratch again to watch the results change...

More Info

Scratch Cards SELL! Interactive ads perform more than 50% better than regular ads. Give your promotions that "cool" factor with touch screen compatibility.


Yes, this is new cutting edge technology ... yet it is instantly familiar because of the popularity of the lottery.


It is a unique way to engage customers and offer deals, discounts, and promotions. We can create digital (Mobile Optimized) "Scratch Off" coupons/games to use in any post, web page, or Facebook page.


Ability to:

  • Schedule and track campaigns
  • Offers can be unlimited random ... and/or one time offers
  • Resettable refresh period to have control over how often the user is presented with a deal
  • Built in analytics to track what's actually working for you in your business 

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Add App Icon to Screen

Add App Icon to Screen

To add our App Icon to your Smartphone for instant access to this site ... follow the directions below:

iPhone & iPod-Touch

(Before Starting Step 1, Go to the Home Page of this Mobile Site)

  1. Select "Add To Home Screen" and click "Save".
  2. Our icon should appear on your home screen.
  3. Click icon to launch app.
(Before Starting Step 1, Go to the Home Page of this Mobile Site)

  1. Click on bookmark symbol and select "Add Bookmark". When done, click HOME symbol.
  2. From your home screen tap any blank area until the "Add To Home Screen" menu appears (or select the bookmark widget from your app tray and drag to your screen, selecting the book club website you bookmarked).
  3. Tap on Shortcut until the "Select Shortcut" menu appears.
  4. Tap on Bookmark until your list of bookmarks appear.
  5. Select this site. Our icon should appear on your home screen.
Other OS
Bookmark this page and follow system instructions for adding icon to your home screen.

iPad App
  1. Go to Home Screen
  2. Enlarge screen with fingers to desired view;
  3. Click the Plus button or (icon) and select....